Master your SaaS ecosystem with Cardboard

  • Centralize and optimize your subscriptions.
  • Streamline online marketing spend management.
  • Automate receipt collection and SaaS accounting.

Why Cardboard

We solve your challenges managing SaaS subscriptions and online marketing spend.

SaaS subscriptions

Track, control, and optimize your subscriptions.


  • Ever lost track of all the SaaS subscriptions you have?
  • Unsure about who’s purchasing what?
  • Worried about cards getting maxed out or blocked?

Cardboard's solution

  • Gain comprehensive insight into your SaaS subscriptions – what's being bought, by whom, and how much is spent.
  • Prevent unnecessary charges from canceled services.
  • Say goodbye to manual receipt chasing and ad-hoc payment approvals.

Online marketing spend

Focus on campaigns, not receipts.


  • Exhausted by manually updating and tracking campaign budgets in endless spreadsheets?
  • Struggling with the unpredictability of over- or under-spent campaigns?
  • Frustrated with the endless chase for campaign spend receipts?

Cardboard's solution

  • Ditch the spreadsheets; view and manage all your online marketing budgets dynamically in one place.
  • Ensure campaigns stay on target – be it over-spent or under-utilized budgets.
  • Centralize and automate the collection of all your campaign receipts, ensuring every penny is accounted for.

SaaS accounting

Streamlined and stress-free accounting.


  • Drowning in the tedious task of chasing down software and online marketing spend receipts?
  • Fed up with manually matching each software subscription with its related expense?
  • Stressed out by the impending month-end/year-end SaaS accounting duties?

Cardboard's solution

  • Centralize, organize, and automate your SaaS receipt collection before sending to accounting.
  • Users get automated reminders and alerts so no more receipt chasing.
  • Export receipts to accounting software for easier accounting.

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