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Who we serve

We help companies of all sizes manage their SaaS subscriptions.

For the Visionaries:
CTOs, CFOs & Founders

Streamline SaaS governance & keep spends in check.

  • SaaS subscriptions approvals in one place, frees up executives' time.
  • Live dashboard shows you where your money's going to help you save.
  • Teams can spend within set limits, keeps budget on track.

For the Doers:

Seamless SaaS purchasing & receipt management.

  • Easy approvals for buying software, no personal cards or expenses needed.
  • Get the tools you need fast, keep the work flowing.
  • No more receipt juggling, everything's sorted for you.

For the Number Crunchers:

Transform SaaS accounting from chaos to clarity.

  • Automatically collect SaaS receipts, eliminating the need to chase team members for submissions.
  • Access all SaaS receipts in one place, eliminating the need to comb through email inboxes.
  • Export receipts to accounting software for easier accounting.

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