Replace SaaS chaos:
How Cardboard streamlines operations

  • Unified view of all subscriptions.
  • Hassle-free payment and fund management.
  • Automated receipt collection and seamless accounting export.

How it works

Get to know Cardboard in a few simple steps.

1 Add your subscriptions

Track all your subscriptions in one place.

Now you and your colleagues can see which subscriptions are available in your company.

2 Top up your account

Add funds to your Cardboard account using a bank transfer.

Your funds are held in a bank account with our card issuer Adyen. The account is owned by you, and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes of your time. You are usually up and running in 1-2 business days.

3 Start paying with Cardboard

Each subscription has a unique virtual payment card.

This means that you can easily set budgets and spending limits for your subscriptions.

Now that Cardboard knows about all your payments, you get notified when funds are running low or budget limits are exceeded.

4 Automatically collect receipts

Each subscription has its own email address.

Add it as the billing email for your subscriptions, and Cardboard will automatically detect and store receipts — no matter if they're sent as attachments or in the email body.

5 Export for accounting

Cardboard automatically matches your receipts with your payments.

You can quickly get an overview of what receipts are missing, and upload them manually.

Export your receipts with cleaned up file names and an attached CSV with all the data you need to finish your bookkeeping faster than ever before.

With Cardboard managing your
subscriptions and payments you…

Get live data

… about what you are paying for and how costs are trending.

Receive notifications

… when funds are running low or budget limits are exceeded.

Save time

Stop chasing receipts and spend less time on bookkeeping.

Focus on what really matters.

Stay in control

If you are not able to stop a subscription, cancel your card with a click.

Share the load

Decide who in your company can pay for new subscriptions.

Give your colleagues access to pay for what they need, and take vacation without phone calls to approve payment requests.

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