Get control of your SaaS spend and automate accounting

  • Get full overview and control of your SaaS subscriptions.
  • Streamline accounting of recurring payments.
  • Save time and costs.

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Subscriptions overview

  • Full control of all SaaS spend in the company.
  • Use virtual cards to help set and track budgets for each subscription.
  • Avoid risk of systems going down because employees have entered private credit cards.

Streamline accounting

  • Filter and export the results to your accounting software.
  • Reports compatible with most accounting solutions, including Tripletex, eAccounting, PowerOffice, and 24SevenOffice.

Save time and costs

Save time and money spent on manually chasing and matching receipts every month!

  • Save your accountants from spending an enormous amount of time reconciling receipts for software payments.
  • Stop chasing receipts from team members.

Effortless payments with virtual cards

  • One virtual card per subscription for streamlined management.
  • Set spending limits per card for controlled budgets.
  • Decide which team member has access to which card.
  • Keep your funds in NOK to minimize currency exchange fees.
  • Get control of your SaaS spend.

No more receipt chasing

Save time with automatic receipt collection and matching.

  • Use Cardboard's email addresses to automatically collect and match your receipts with payments.
  • Upload historical receipts and bank transactions to quickly get started and see cost trends.
  • Alert subscription owners about missing receipts.
  • Reduce your SaaS management overhead.

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With Cardboard you have full control over your SaaS spend

SaaS overview

Full control over what SaaS subscriptions you're buying, how much you're spending, and who's allowed to buy. Stop payments for canceled services.

Improve SaaS operations

Full control means no more chasing down receipts or manual matching of payments, no ad-hoc CXO payment approvals, and empowering teams to make decisions.

Optimize tools

Full control helps you see your entire SaaS portfolio, ensure you're using the right tools effectively, keep your spending on track, and prevent overpaying for services.

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