Save time and money with Cardboard

  • No more chaos.
  • No shared cards.
  • No chasing receipts.
  • 1. Organize your software subscriptions in one place.
  • 2. Pay with virtual cards for secure payments.
  • 3. Automate receipt collection for easier bookkeeping.

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Here's how Cardboard works...

1. Enter all your subscriptions

  • Track all your SaaS subscriptions in one place, for example, Notion, Slack, AWS, Google, and more.
  • Choose from our existing catalog of 3,000+ services, or add your own.
  • Get full control of all SaaS spend in your company.

2. Pay with virtual cards

  • Get unique virtual cards to help set and track budgets for each subscription.
  • Avoid risk of systems going down because employees have used private credit cards.
  • Suspend a subscription's card without affecting the other subscriptions.

3. Automate receipt collection

  • Use Cardboard's email addresses to automatically collect and match your receipts with payments.
  • Upload historical receipts and bank transactions to quickly get started and see cost trends.
  • We alert subscription owners about missing receipts, so you don't have to.

Automate accounting

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Get control of your subscriptions

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For Founders

  • Simplified SaaS spend management.
  • Live dashboard shows you where your money's going to help you save.
  • Get control of your subscriptions.

For CFOs and CTOs

  • SaaS subscriptions approvals in one place, frees up executives' time.
  • Teams can spend within set limits, keeps budget on track.
  • Automate SaaS accounting.

For Employees

  • Easy approvals for buying software, no personal cards or expenses needed.
  • Get the tools you need fast, keep the work flowing.
  • No more receipt juggling, everything's sorted for you.

For Accountants

  • Automatically collect SaaS receipts, eliminating the need to chase team members for submissions.
  • Access all SaaS receipts in one place, eliminating the need to comb through email inboxes.
  • Export receipts to accounting software for easier accounting.

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